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This movie tells about a professor who stumbles on terrifying predictions about the future and sets out to prevent them from coming true. In 1959, as part of the dedication ceremony for a new elementary school, a group of students is asked to draw pictures to be stored in a time capsule. But one mysterious girl fills her sheet of paper with rows of random numbers instead. Fifty years later, a new generation of students examines the capsules contents and that girls message ends up in the hands of young Caleb Koestler. But it is Calebs father, professor John Koestler (Nicolas Cage), who found that the encoded message predicts with accuracy the dates, death tolls and coordinates of every major disaster of the past 50 years. As John further unravels the documents secrets, he realizes the document foretells three additional events the last of which hints at destruction on a global scale and seems to involve John and his son. John takes it upon himself to try to prevent more destruction from taking place. With the help of Diana Wayland and Abby, the daughter and granddaughter of the now-author of the prophecies, John's increasingly desperate efforts take him on a heart-pounding race against time until he finds himself facing the ultimate disaster and the ultimate sacrifice. the beginning, this movies offer such a good story and scenes...but unfortunately, it's ending badly. But it's just my opinion..I do like the movie..but not the end part of it. Feels that it spoiled all the tension that this movie offered at the beginning. Hmm..really an unpredictable ending..but not the good, what do you think bout that?..


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After a successful run at hijacking fuel tanks on the highways of the Dominican Republic, Dominic Toretto (Vin Diesel) leaves his girlfriend Letty (Michelle Rodriguez) and his gang, as he is know as an international criminal. One day, in Panama, Dominic receives a phone call from his sister Mia (Jordana Brewster), who tells him that Letty was just murdered. Dominic returns to Los Angeles, California, to find out who murdered Letty. He receives the information that only through a street race, arranged by Ramon Campos, can he gain access to the man responsible for Letty's death. Meanwhile, Brian O'Connor (Paul Walker)now an FBI agent, is assigned to track down a notorious drug lord named Arturo Braga. Brian, after chasing down a criminal on foot, receives information also leading to David Park. Both Dominic and Brian, having received the same information are led to the underground entrance race that guarantees them a spot on the team that traffics heroin across the United States-Mexico border. Dominic ends up in aconfrontation with a racer identified as Fenix, the driver of the car that collided with Letty before firing the shot that killed her. Once on the United States side of the border, Dominic kills Fenix by crushing him with his car and Braga is finally apprehended by the FBI, as is Dominic.

I watched it twice..and stil want to watch it. It is an awesome movie. You can really feel the speed and the adrenalin in your blood. You won't regret after you watch this movie, especially for those people who like speed and action stuff. So... have you seen it?..

Beaches and a Canyon

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Last March I had vacation with my college friends. It was just couple days but it can't forgotten. They were Putri, Eka, Gro, Iza, Sandy, Rizka, David and me, it was eight of us. We started the journey in very early morning, to avoid the traffic. It took 8 hours to get there. After that long journey, finally we got into the place. Pangandaran beach, is the first destination. We found a place to stay in Mini Tiga, put our bags, take rest for a while and then we're looking for food, yeap we were very hungry because of the journey. We looked around *it was very hard to found the good one, especially the cheap one* and we got Soto Ayam and Coconuts for our late lunch.But not yet for beach after it, some of us still need to rest, then we went back to our homestay and took a nap.

Four hours is enough for us to recharge our energy. Well.....BEACH TIME! We took a walk because the beach is not too far from our place, it's about 100 meters or somethin. When I got there, I feel relief...Beach is a place that I've never go to since 10 years ago. Really love beach, quite and fun. Feel the wave and the wind, then you'll know what it's like. We played around, took some good pictures..we enjoyed the time. At night we had sea food for dinner and it's really good.

The day after that, at noon we checked out and went to our second destination, Batu Hiu Beach. It too just an hour from aour first place. The beach had big wave, but it was nice also. Especially when we were up into the canyon, the view is very beautifull. we just took some pictures and moved again to another destination.

Grand Canyon, in indonesia..hehehe..We actually not planned to go there, but we didn't want to miss this good place. So we rent a boat and got there. Really-really an amazing place, I still remember how I dare to do a free jump from one of the canyon, I did feel scare, well I'm a highphobia, but I just dont want to miss anything in this place. I really loved our times there. The friendship and the excited mixed together.

Actually, there was last destination for us, Batu Karas. Unfortunately, the rain fell down hardly and the thunder didn't give change for us. Then it was time to go home. I really enjoyed each moment I had with them, I can feel the care and even the love from them. Nice to have all of you as my friends. Well..can't wait for our next journey :)

4th session

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Hot drinks in the city

Dinner time

Yellow-low Bee

well...this is it! the 4th session of my shots, and as I already told you before *on 3 days of euophoria*, those photos taken when I was having time with my Cumi..who always give me nice critics of the time *even sometimes its very annoyed but....I need it,hehehe... thank you very much :p*. So how about that?it's not a SLR camera, just a phone camera...and I think it is the nice one. I guess it is all about my desire to take photos since I never had a SLR camera on me *again*. Then when I found a good camera, even just a phone camera, I just did it. Tried to take good pictures. hehehe...unfortunately, that's not mine neither, huhuhu...but thank you for lend me that phone least, I already relieved some of my desire to take photos...thanks Cumi :)