KKN in Jatisari

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I know I've been gone, without any post..Well, full schedule of college stuff, from assignment to assignment until having KKN program. This program really took my time than those assignments. The program is about giving community service to a village and it's for a group. One of this program's requirements, I have to check my group program's service every one day in a week (so I got Bandung-Jatisari-Bandung trip in one day, damn rough and dont forget that I have class after that..huff) and stay in a village for every weekend in two month ahead. Yeap..I lost my favorite days..saturday and sunday..no more lazy days..huff *sigh* what to do..I got to do it..

Jatisari is the name of my village. It's about 2 hours from Bandung. Actually the track is not too bad, but it's sooo faaar and the traffic..owwwh..one word : bad. I always got into a traffic jam anytime I go there. Fortunately, the village is great, view, people..all the environtment seems good so far..About my group member, they came from another faculty of my college. My group consist of 22 members including me. They're quitely nice and kind of the easy going one. Keep up guys!hehehe..

so I know you will miss me..ha-ha..but you know that i will always back, right?..so c u soon and wish me luck! :)

I dont know..

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sitting..holding knees..
making all the probability..
solutions that cannot be seen..
and slowly..I found fears..

the more I think...
the more I lost about it..
I'm killing myself...
what should I do?
Do I just need to let it?
there's nothing on my side..

Hope still there..
Always there....
the reason I still be here..


N.B: being lost in confusion..but somehow I know I have through it all..

it (was) Batik day :p

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Well, it was October 2nd, 2009.. when batik is being recognized by UNESCO as an Indonesian cultural contribution to the world . It is a valid reason to celebrate this beautiful traditional fabric and the garments made from it. Most of indonesian wore Batik on that day, not just the institutions, but me also. Yeap.. I wore Batik too, nice isn't it? hehehe... :p

Guinea Pig

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One day I went to one pet shop in Bogor with my Mom. She planned to buy kind of kitty food or somethin', while she tried to find it, I looked around..and I found this cute creature..yeap! this is Guinea Pig. They are about IDR 500.000 for each (I dont know if it's cheap or expensive), and if I'm not mistaken they're bout 4 years old. They look like a rat, but much bigger and without tail. Soooo..cuteeee...I want to have them, but still thinking, coz I have to make sure that I can pet them nicely. Guess, I have to talk with my baby first..hehehe. Well..if you've seen The Bed Time Story and G- Force movie, I bet you knew how cute they are..kawaaaaiii neee.... :p