3rd session

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3rd session finally upload! those are the pictures that I told you before, on "Thank You Mr.Mentor". Most of the pictures are considered as"good" and few are "OK". Still need to practice more..but at least I have progress for each session...especially for this session. I finally got "good"mark and more pictures to be accepted..hehe not bad for three times session huh?:p Well this is my last session with Mr.Mentor, so I got to used the time well...that's why I tried to take the photo precisely..really dont wanna loose my time..and I enjoyed every moment of it..Its not only about losing Mr.Mentor, but the camera also..hehehe..well I dont know when I will hold a camera again..but its not gonna stop my passion for photograph..still on it...just be patience and learn..I know I will get my way to be with that lens again..someday...wait for another session will ya? :)


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That is what in my mind...B-L-A-N-K...I need somebody to help me out..to be my trigger..and restart my engine again....I need "something"inside my mind...But I do have a feelin right now..a guilty feelin..for having this such a thing..I dont wanna hurt and troubled people that loved me..I'm sorry...

WaKe Up, Smile and Sing

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wake up..i’m here..
wake up..u r standing free..
wake up..and i’ll promise u there will be no more fear..

smile..and i’ll give u more
smile..coz thats why i’m here for…
smile..and u wont feel the wound anymore..

sing..coz thats how i want u to see..
sing..coz hey maybe thats also why you are here..
sing..so u can hear me whisper through your ears..

wake up, smile, sing,
stand up, look up, n trying
wake up, smile, sing,
there is nothing more sparkling than keeping this feeling..

seeing, caring, and luving..
u, u and u..
smiling, thinking, and missing…
u, u and u..

cepat sembuh y..:)

--September,21st, 2008, 04:21:21am--

this is what my baby sent to me when I was crumble and got sick because of it..its actually a text message..It gives me strenght when I read that...and I know..that I'm not alone..I got him now..thanks baby..you're sweet :)

About Me..

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This is what my baby tells about me...

"anggie tu ya..my other half,tau aja maunya aq apa..bs aja ngertiin aq gmn..sabar aja ngadepin smua yg ada ttg 'kami',anggie tu..strong believer,org yg optimis bgt, slalu percaya ma org2 yg dsekitarnya, kesabarannya bs ngebuat apa aja yg g mgkn bs jd mgkn,her spirit can break down any barrier in front of her..anggie tu take differences as a part of completion, dia bedaaa bgt, sifat, karakter, mindset, smuanya bedaaa bgt, tp dia bs yakinin klo itu la tujuan dr smua,saling melengkapi, love can beat all of the differences..last anggie tu.. a truly good lover, no other words can replace this, her tender, caring, makes u think that she's the only person u wanna be with..which i do..muah..just a simple words to let all of u know how i treasure her..yeap she's my other half..n yes i'm so glad to have her next to me..more than she ever know..or realize..can't wait to have u back in my arms..sharing our thoughts and dreams..only us..us..n us..luv -rief-"

really blow my mind...thanks bebh...Luv u too :)

Thank You Mr. MEntor

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My mentor is moving out to another town. He got a job,and his dream came true. Today, Its kind of farewell..we went to a Photo exhibition *cool photos*and then had lunch together...and after that, we separated, I went to college for a class..and he went home..after the class..we meet again and played bilyard and of course, he brought the camera...While he played, I took pictures..hehehe..Coz I think its gonna be the last time I can use it...I dont have camera, remember?? :p and that was my last photo session I guess.... :( When I took pictures while he played, once he was mad, coz I ruinned the farewell, and just with camera, I was not into the game. Then I got understand, I stopped..and back to the game...and see...I won..all that games...hehehe...*not all actually, most of it, I just make it hyperbole,hehehe) He asked that..dont blame if I'm a real champion..hehehe...after the bilyards..we had dinner...lil'bit chit-chat and went home at last.
I think I'm gonna miss him...*and his camera..hahahaha* but I'm glad his dream came true *hope mine too* wish you all the best Mr.Mentor...thanks for everything...

P.S: the Photos will be upload soon :)

Cumi Sent Me :)

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I'm so haaappy!! This is a greeting that my baby sent to me for..of course..Valentines Day. I know that this made in last minute before the day ends. Maybe for all of you, this is just like another Valentines greeting. But not for me..It meant A LOT...He just made it for me..Just for his Sweet Plum *blush*. I know It sounds corky, but...I dont care..coz I never get things like this before and because I miss him sooo bad yesterday..very bad..*infected by Valentines atmosphere :p* So no wonder if I'm so happy when I received that greeting, right? thanks Baby...I love it..*hug*So...how's your Valentines Day? I hope yours is good as I am :)

2nd session

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well..well..still...need to leaaarn...from 42 photos, just 2 photos considered as "OK". I'm not gonna give up, just wondering when I will have photo session class again, Mr.Mentor got a lot of stuff to do and to think for now. He's so busy, and his camera too,so I can't get any class for days ahead...if I have a camera, I probably take photo all the time..It will be a must things inside my bag :p and maybe...you will be my next object..so watch out!!hahahaha..think that I'm going nuts..hahahaha...btw..Happy Valentines Day..for all of you who celebrate it.. flowers (just like the photos :p) could be a nice gift for Valentine, girls would love it..so..wish u have a great Valentine! :)

Silent Word

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Today...started with morning interruption...word "why" is swimming through my mind...why is that?why is this?blablablabbla...keep rolling in my head'till I found that everything has their own reason..I just need to give time to hear that. Thanks God that I hear the voice of my heart. And everything is fine now..

I admit that I regretted myself on lately days. I should be in a place that I wanted to go if I had a holiday. But I can't..coz I dont have a required things that they asked. As u can see..I'm still here...then I prayed a "suprise" to be true..but *again* situation chose the opposite way. I knew it, it can't be happen but I still tried to convice my self that its still gonna be happen. And when it gone too far, I barely realized that I hurt myself. I got to face the truth. Its not gonna be happen. After flowed out those negative ideas in a discussion with my baby..I felt release..he knows what to do*I really feel blessed that I've got him for me now*. All I have to do is....be patience..and stay positive...can I?we'll see....I'm a real fighter or just try to be a fighter..

Relax in Cold Day

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Bandung is sooooo cold....I'm freezing..huhuhu..specially in this lonely time..hehehe, my baby is busy with his work. Well today finally go out and fun with cheche, my dorm friends. Talk bout what I missed on that dorm and somekind of gurls talk :P Actually I still have another test, the war's in college is not stop yet. But I got to relax, too stressfull will kill me..hehehe..never get out since I start this tests. My daily route is dorm-college-dorm. Just all that. No other destination. Bored but I have to, coz some of college stuff must be done and its really spent much of my time. Hhhhhh...but at least, few days ahead I can make myself relax before I start the tests again. Well..I expect my baby would be here at this time. But he's on duty, fight against the time and ideas, his feelin evenmore. Keep the spirit bebh! I'm just here..pray for you.... :)
Suddenly, something wrong happened with my stomach, I got stomach ache...it's hurt. Maybe I ate the forbidden food I should not take or it's just because the enter wind, hehehe....I dont know..I admit that I ate so much today. Cheche drove me to eat and of course I'd love to do that :p But No need to worry...the ache is already handled by now...and hope I'll be better tomorrow.. :)

1st session

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Those are my first photos taken on my first photo class session. Those are considered as "fine". Just 4 pictures from about 65 pictures in whole. Still need to have much learn. I'm doing the composition right now. It's not only supported by my mentor (who's sometimes be my model and lend his camera, you can see him in the picture, thanks Mr.Mentor), I got support from my love one too, Rief. I've got all that he knew from camera. Thanks bebh...its really helpfull and couraging me...:)