Before I miss 2009..

Filed Under (), () by AstRid YuLisa^anGie^ on Monday, December 28, 2009

There's several things that I wanna share before I leave 2009..hehehe

My b/f finally quit smoking! yippey!!! how i excited to know that..actually it accidentaly happened. He got sick, so he supposed not to smoke. But then he still do it after he recovered. Although it's only about three weeks but it 's still in progress..

Just like the other case of "stop smoking", my b/f had to distract his need of smoke to somethin else. I told him not to choose candy (which it be the first distraction that chosen on another case of "stop smoking"), because it can turns to be candy addiction and for sure, it's not good for the teeth and the jaws ( I read and watch somethin about it :) ). So, the distraction supposed to be somethin good and positive. Well, he choose movie DVD's for it. Yeap, now he loves to watch, especially collecting the DVD's. For your information guys, he's not that into movies before, but now..he really catchs up my stuff hehehe..I'm a moviecholic so, when it turns to be movie..I can deal with that..hahahaha...well so far, he's doing great, and I believe he can do it to a complete stop from the addiction of more smoking...fight-fight, dear!!

According to the advice and knowledge that I've got, after a stop smoking process. The body will turns to be fatty. It happened because when someone stop smoking, it can increased appetite. So, in order to prevent those "fatty", My b/f and me decide to do excercise ( I do it to support him and for my own health of course :) ). Then we need shoes..hehehe, we did shop together and we got them..

Now the shoes are ready, all we need to do is the exercise. Wish us luck guys..stay dicipline on the exercise schedule and live in the healthy lifestyle with healthy soul. Gambatte!!! :)

See you on 2010..have a great new year eve guys!!