Tangkuban Perahu

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Few month ago..on the end weeks of it precisely...I went to a mountain called Tangkuban Perahu. It quite nearly to Bandung, where I lived. I went there with my friends. It was just four of us. It's one of tourism place of Bandung. I've never been there althought I already lived in Bandung bout 6 years. What a shame..well whatever!at least finally, I got there :)

Well there's a legend story behind the name of this mountain, Tangkuban Perahu. It tells about a boy that fall in love with the everlasting beauty of her mom and dont believe the fact that she's his mom. One day, he asked to marry her. The mother surely know that it's impossible *and dont want too*, so she make some excuses. She will accepted the propose, as long as he grants what she wish. She wants a big..no..no..a very huge ship that made by himself before the sunrise. She thought that her son will refuse it, but not..arogantly, he deal with it. He did that very good and make the mother worried. and it about close to be done and sunrise ready to appear, the mother prevents it to be happened. she tooks a stick that used to be a traditional tools for processing paddy to be rice *in west java* and the chicken make a noise. The son heard that and feel so angry..because he thinks he failed. When he goes angry, the ship is rolling back, and becomes a mountain. that's why it called Tangkuban Perahu, Tangkuban means roll back. and perahu is ship.

That's just a local story of it. I dont know if it's true or not. But as u can see in pictures, it has a good view, and so many spot to get a great pictures..hehehehe..you can make it as lo as u like hiking, I dont like hiking..but it was fun..that time..I think it's because..the photo's session :p

if you wanna see more photo of these..just click it..

Rief's Birthday :)

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Yesterday is my Rief's birthday..23rd august...at first, I was actually planning to make a lil' supprise for him, since this is his first b'day that we're together...but I ruined that...actually he forgot about the day, but my mouth can't hold the secret and I remind him like I dont thinks bout what I've thinking before..huff..I just wanna make it special..but thanks for God for sending me the sweetest boyfriend I've ever had, he did not complain and still enjoy the rest of the day..what a sweet of him...

Happy b'day Cumi...hope everythin goes fine and all your dreams may come true..all the best..
Love you Rief... :)

PS: beware..wait for belated supprise.. :p

independence day!

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Yeap today is indonesia's independence day...seems that everybody in this country, celebrate the day..red and white flag are all over the country...start with the ceremony on president palace...to traditional event made by the local people..just like what I see just about minutes ago..and still going on while I'm blogging :)

it's kind of a parade, and each of block in my environment take part of it..and the funniest thing is many Barongsai I found on block each presentation .Well it suppose for a chinese new year right..hehehe it's really interesting anyway..and not just that..Mbah Surip takes part too..hahaha...u can see on the pictures...yeaa..one of them present Mbah Surip for the theme... :)

so excited...full of crowd..good for me to have a view straight to the street, I dont have to get into the crowd to watch that...hehehe..hope everyone enjoy the day, hope this country gets better and live in united...Merdeka!!! :)

I'll be back...

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Helloooo..long time no see...heehehehe..sorry..I have lot of thing to do..so I missed the blog...it doesnt mean that it's not important..moreover I have a lot of things to share...well..i'm in hurry...just wanna drop to say HELLO..hehehehe...catch you later...keep blogging! :)