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hopes lives in a life..
brought all the posivity..
create believes under the dubiousness

it gathered into a dream...
wish that never end...
until it's happened...

heart that can not lie
learns to have understanding
surrender to the time..
face all to what it offers..
break and sad..

stay in the name of consistence ..

hope could failed..but it can't disappear...
it's just waiting to be true..


Jacky and Sunday

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I found there's somethin'wrong with the blog..nothin happened when I click the New Post button. I have try it over and over again, but still...hhhh...I miss to have a post. And if you know me..I wont give up for it..I try to find another way. Dont care how the way it is as long as i can get to a new post. And now here I am.. :)

Well it's Sunday..nice bright Sunday...I plan to do laundry..and I dont know..it's holiday...having my own time, would be nice for me. Watching movies, cartoon or just having a lazy time. Have I told you, that I finished last semester and plan to have a short semester on this July. I can't go anywhere for now, cause there's still some administration stuff to be done. Yeap! there's no long holiday for me..not like the others student. While they're on the beach or having fun, I still on my dorm room. Alone..missing home..Jacky & his fams.. and my boyfriend, for sure...

About Jacky..I've been dream about him on my lately nite. People said..maybe we both miss each other." Yea..my best buddy..miss our time together Jacky... Take you for a walk, Jogging on the sunday morning, play around or just sit together in silent". He's getting old, got sick and can't play much. Huff..It's too long I ignored him. I'm too busy with my self, he would think that I forget about him..huhuhu...Feels like I'm not a good friend for him... and I regret that, I'm sorry Jacky..miss you :'(


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Well I know...too late to post this..but I still wanna share with you. Hmm..this movie tells about a love story...but what makes this so special..is about a vampire that found his soulmate *finally* after 90 years, not with another vampire..but with human,hot blood and not bite somebody's neck,hehe..yeaa..just simple as that. It's very suit to people who in love, so you better watch it with someones you love. It taken from a nice novel with the same tittle "Twilight" written by Stephenie Meyer. Nice story..nice cast..but poor effect. The move looks not natural, I can still feel the strings. That's just my opinion *like always*, I still watch it twice..hehehe...coz I really like the story and the character of Edward Cullen *yeaaa girlsss..*. For your information..this movie and the cast win some of the award on MTV Movie Award 2009. The sequel came out already, I can't wait to watch it.. :)

enjoying the time..

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I'm here! just having my test..and it's soooo..EASY..hahahaha...ya-ya..I'm having a tough week but ok...I know I can get through it. It's not over yet 'till next week..so I still need to prepare myself..for "the battlefield", just count on the spirits inside.. and thanks God..that my baby is always there for me even he's so far away *thanks rief.. :)* and thanks for musics too..for being my best companion of the time..hehehehe.. :p

All I want to do is relaxing..hhh kinda stress with those deadlines, tests..and all those papers....and I really want to go for a vacation..may be go visit my parents or go to another place...it would be a nice idea for me now...need to leave the routines..I need to take a break and having myself time...do all I want to do...watching movies, read comics*especially Sinchan :p*, take photos..blablabla....wish that my Rief can join me..it would be veeery niceee...hehehehe...

but for now...relaxing is uncommon thing for me...all I have to do is just enjoying the time..right? :)


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Actually..it's already late at nite..but I still can't close my eyes..hmm...I've been not here for a week I guess..sorry..I do want to blog or somethin but too busy with the assignments..too many of them..one down and comes the other.. with sort deadline...huff..

am I too tired then it makes me awake?hmm...I dont know..

Or it just because of somethin' that bother me this time, moreover I'm in my period, then it becomes a big deal..hhhhh..girl...

I do want to sleep...I'm tired...need to recharge my energy..a lot of thing to do for tomorrow...and I need to get up early in the morning..

huhuhuhu.....can't sleep...what should I do?...