Fear kills me

Filed Under (), () by AstRid YuLisa^anGie^ on Wednesday, October 13, 2010

I'm in the end of my college time..having my thesis to be done. I know I just start it..even chapter one is not finish yet. Just right now, I'm doing my thesis..and like the other people..sometime "stuck" may come..hehe..

Well actually,lately weeks there's a lot of things interfering me during this thesis process. Not only from the outsider..it even comes from inside of me. I recently found myself filled by so much fears.

Am I trying to perfect? so that fears comes and bothers me?..
Well I dont know, maybe..

All I know, everytime I try to do somethin..I worry about so much things, that feeling is really suck! I hate it..part of myself know that I'm not suppose to be like that. Having fears and lost for it is not good for our life..I know..But I still feel it somehow..huff..I try to make myself relax and told myself to be stronger..I used to know someway to make it works, but not this time...those way lost their magical touch for my spirit and my confidence..I really dont wanna waste time, presicious thing that God give to me..this is my moment..I push myself to rid of it, but I still cant escape..what should I do? should I push myself harder this time? *sigh*

I pray..for God to help me..
There must be somethin wrong about me..
I gotta move on..I want to...
please light my way..and I shall know what to do...
I will try better..amien

Semangat! Gambatte! Jia you! Fighting!

huff.. *sigh*