Before I miss 2009..

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There's several things that I wanna share before I leave 2009..hehehe

My b/f finally quit smoking! yippey!!! how i excited to know that..actually it accidentaly happened. He got sick, so he supposed not to smoke. But then he still do it after he recovered. Although it's only about three weeks but it 's still in progress..

Just like the other case of "stop smoking", my b/f had to distract his need of smoke to somethin else. I told him not to choose candy (which it be the first distraction that chosen on another case of "stop smoking"), because it can turns to be candy addiction and for sure, it's not good for the teeth and the jaws ( I read and watch somethin about it :) ). So, the distraction supposed to be somethin good and positive. Well, he choose movie DVD's for it. Yeap, now he loves to watch, especially collecting the DVD's. For your information guys, he's not that into movies before, but now..he really catchs up my stuff hehehe..I'm a moviecholic so, when it turns to be movie..I can deal with that..hahahaha...well so far, he's doing great, and I believe he can do it to a complete stop from the addiction of more smoking...fight-fight, dear!!

According to the advice and knowledge that I've got, after a stop smoking process. The body will turns to be fatty. It happened because when someone stop smoking, it can increased appetite. So, in order to prevent those "fatty", My b/f and me decide to do excercise ( I do it to support him and for my own health of course :) ). Then we need shoes..hehehe, we did shop together and we got them..

Now the shoes are ready, all we need to do is the exercise. Wish us luck guys..stay dicipline on the exercise schedule and live in the healthy lifestyle with healthy soul. Gambatte!!! :)

See you on 2010..have a great new year eve guys!!


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This is the moon on this early november, I took it when I was waiting for my fried rice :p
The nite sky seems so bright with that light..beautiful isn'it? :)

Kitten on the Hood

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Last tuesday my friend asked me to drop by for moment to his house before we went to college. He need to take somethin. While he was inside , I was just looking around in front of the house and I found them...four kittens with different colours. Digging the garbage, looking for food..and sometime they were looking each other with those "miau...miau"..I was wondering what they say each other..hehehe :)

for good (bye)

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time walk through..
life normally run like it used to..

one day and another day
I met a memory..
that left in a hurry..

love touched, smile and flew me..
but when it hurt..
I forgot it..
I let it...

I had try my best..
now I'm a friend for the rest..
I shall say thank you and sorry..
care is still there, so dont worry..

this eyes will see in a distance..
pray for the right way of chance..
wish a good luck..

my wound healed as the time goes by
for my I shall say goodbye..

eN.Be: just a thought for an old story..

A & G

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A to the A..

G to the G...


this is A & G.. :)

KKN in Jatisari

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I know I've been gone, without any post..Well, full schedule of college stuff, from assignment to assignment until having KKN program. This program really took my time than those assignments. The program is about giving community service to a village and it's for a group. One of this program's requirements, I have to check my group program's service every one day in a week (so I got Bandung-Jatisari-Bandung trip in one day, damn rough and dont forget that I have class after that..huff) and stay in a village for every weekend in two month ahead. Yeap..I lost my favorite days..saturday and more lazy days..huff *sigh* what to do..I got to do it..

Jatisari is the name of my village. It's about 2 hours from Bandung. Actually the track is not too bad, but it's sooo faaar and the word : bad. I always got into a traffic jam anytime I go there. Fortunately, the village is great, view, people..all the environtment seems good so far..About my group member, they came from another faculty of my college. My group consist of 22 members including me. They're quitely nice and kind of the easy going one. Keep up guys!hehehe..

so I know you will miss me..ha-ha..but you know that i will always back, right? c u soon and wish me luck! :)

I dont know..

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sitting..holding knees..
making all the probability..
solutions that cannot be seen..
and slowly..I found fears..

the more I think...
the more I lost about it..
I'm killing myself...
what should I do?
Do I just need to let it?
there's nothing on my side..

Hope still there..
Always there....
the reason I still be here..


N.B: being lost in confusion..but somehow I know I have through it all..

it (was) Batik day :p

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Well, it was October 2nd, 2009.. when batik is being recognized by UNESCO as an Indonesian cultural contribution to the world . It is a valid reason to celebrate this beautiful traditional fabric and the garments made from it. Most of indonesian wore Batik on that day, not just the institutions, but me also. Yeap.. I wore Batik too, nice isn't it? hehehe... :p

Guinea Pig

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One day I went to one pet shop in Bogor with my Mom. She planned to buy kind of kitty food or somethin', while she tried to find it, I looked around..and I found this cute creature..yeap! this is Guinea Pig. They are about IDR 500.000 for each (I dont know if it's cheap or expensive), and if I'm not mistaken they're bout 4 years old. They look like a rat, but much bigger and without tail. Soooo..cuteeee...I want to have them, but still thinking, coz I have to make sure that I can pet them nicely. Guess, I have to talk with my baby first..hehehe. Well..if you've seen The Bed Time Story and G- Force movie, I bet you knew how cute they are..kawaaaaiii neee.... :p

"kebun" gathering 2009

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So this is another gathering of my big family. Actually, it has not been a plan at all. But, since my parents rarely go home *bogor*, then they decided to have family gathering at last saturday in my place. My father invited all his siblings. The place is not in our home, it's another place..we used to call it "kebun". My parents owned the place, a yard with house, ponds and plants *vegetables* surrounded. Nice place to run from the city's life. So many activities happened there, some were fishing, and other were cooking while the others ,playing card..hehehe, me? I just part of cheers team and baby sitter for my lil' nieces.

One of them is interested. Her name is Tias, but as you can see in the picture, she looks like a boy with that short hair. More over if she dress like a will notice her as a boy, believe me. She's so attractive, cant make her quite, she did this, did that..ran here, ran make noises..huff..kiddo..but in the end, she was quite fun for me, coz she was different to another, the unique one... :)

Good moment of this gathering was when we ate together. Even we just ate an ordinary food but the food feels so delicious, I guess it's bout the togetherness of this family. Well even there were not all the member of this big family could attend this gathering, I still can feel it. I'm proud for being part of this family :)

Happy Lebaran 2009 !

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Just like a year ago..every Ied Mubarak (Lebaran), after having sholat ied *this year I have it with Ana, my cousin and my bro*, I have a family gathering to be attend *read "behind family gathering 2008"* it's a tradition that run in my father family. All those 14 family *my father had 15 sibling actually, but the second has passed away* are gathering in one place. For this year, it took the oldest sister places, and I called her Bou *it's a bataknish nickname*. Unfortunately, my parent had to missed this event, coz their job. So, Me and my bro were presenting in the name of our family. A lot food is always be my attention *besides those each family it self*..hehehe, this time we have nice salad and meat ball, yummy-yummy...hehehe. Of course, I was playing and hang out with cousins, aunts, and uncles too, I wont miss that moment anyway. Can't wait to have this event again, and next time, I hope my parents can join us. :)

Happy Lebaran Guys...minal aidin walfa idzin... :)

Visit and Graveyards day!

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I had a long journey today, with some check point spot...hehehe... Well check it out..

1st check point : the oldest sister of my
Pap family' house.

We went there..chit-chat, playing with my niece and nephew, and prayed together . You can see me and my niece on the picture. She is very cute right? her name is Cilla, taken from "Pricilla". She likes to write a story and of course playing somethin' pretty. Pink stuff is everywhere. We were writing together in her diary and she show me all her toys and her strawberry shortcake's dvd collection. Once, she and her brother asked me to join her game, which is I did not get it. It's like hmm... spy and shock..I guess...we spy someone and then shocks that person. I dont know..hehehe..but it seems so fun for them. :) Actually I want to have a picture with her brother, Nanda. But he's so shy, and it made me so difficult to have a picture with him. He's cute too, I can imagine how handsome he would be when he grow up. After that short time baby sitting..hehehe, my family is leaving to the next destination. From this visiting, my Mom got two plant *quite heavy* from my aunty *my mom likes gardening, read "Jemani"*, she's very glad about it.

2nd Check Point : "Kalibata", Jakarta , My " opa" graveyard

it's been a years I didnt come to this place. Two or three years ago..maybe, well it’s Indonesian hero’s grave, the biggest hero’s grave in Indonesia. My “opa” is one of them. Proud of him :) this place is very nice place for a has a stone that has all the name of those heros that buried in there. Try to find my opa's name on it..he died in 1972, his name is E. Sutomo, by the way, the atmosphere is so peacefull, I think those hero’s feels great about it too.

3rd Check point : Cipaku, Bogor, My “oma” graveyard’s in bogor. So we came in and out for a toll road to get here. Thanks fully, we did stop for having late lunch *coz it’s afternoon already*. We choosed Rollies in Cibubur, and then gone rightaway to Cipaku, after it. You can see it, this graveyard is very different to Kalibata. Of course, it’s just a common graveyard for civilian. But It’s quite peace too.

4th Check point : Bogor, My “ompungs and uncle” graveyard

I’m a bataknish *although I can’t speak the language,hehehe”, so I called my grants with ompung. Both of them are buried in here. My uncle too, he is the the second siblings of my father family. They buried him in the same field. This graveyard is for civilian too, big one and it’s quite spooky, with those big banyan trees.

5th Check point : Home

Huff..we got stuck on the way we go home. Traffic Jam! Huuf….so long and tiring..but I try to enjoy it since I’m with my family, complete version : Mom, Pap , Bro and me. Oya, my talkative aunty for the extension..hehehe..So excited! well I almost a month in bogor, but I just *finally*meet my parent bout two days ago. Missed them so much…and it makes traffic jam nothing for me and us. We got home without knowing how much time we spent for it. That’s just because the jokes and the laughs. :)

It’s tiring but it’s very nice trip that rarely happened to me *coz we’re all busy person*. Hope it may happened again with another destination :)