I want it!

Filed Under (), () by AstRid YuLisa^anGie^ on Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Well it's been so long that I've gone right..so new post for you...I'm just dealing with some stuff and those spent a lot of my time..missing my blog, hmmm..lately I've been thinking..have you ever ask yourself "what do you wanna do for your life?the exactly things that you do to reach your dream or plan"..that gives me spirits..it makes me figure out, I have plan, I have dream and this world is such a materialistic..but beautiful if you can make it to...(I believe that), moreover, the time is too precious to be left. I want to do something that I like, something that I smile while doing it, something that I do with my heart. So I dont have to complain or regret about it. I want to happy while I'm doing it, cause I'm sure, when I'm happy, I can share it to anyone.

Then I found lot of idea in my head that I wish could be my way to fill my precious life, and some of it, I try to do it, although it is still in progress, but at least I did the start and I would like to finish it. I know and I can feel, doubt and fear surrounds me, the fear of failure hunts me, but you know what, I gotta try..I have to push myself to do it, or I will regret it (again), that I never dare to start it, and I dont want to call myself "coward" for the rest of my life. So this is I am now..I can say that so much things that I would like to know or do it, for now, I really dont know which one that I can be focus on, I have to try all..coz I dont know at all at least I try it first. I will try so much, even its hard...cozI believe in myself...I have dreams and I have to make it happened..so pray for me guys..wish me luck! :)